TalkStar Radio Short Form Features

NOW, REGARDLESS OF FORMAT or MARKET SIZE … Grab Listeners and Sponsors with these bartered SIXTY SECOND and TWO MINUTE SHOWS!

Korelin Economics Minute with Al Korelin

TalkStar Radio's top flight business is now heard daily in a fast moving sixty second report which complements the weekly one hour version heard weekends. As paper currencies falter and interest in gold and energy grows, the Korelin Economics Report provides a daily update on asset-based investments. Listen to regulatory consultant Al Korelin, veteran radio host Paul Warren and a fascinating group of economists, writers and industry,

The Korelin Minute covers the resource industries which have always driven the economies of the US and Canada, and are increasingly important to investors everywhere.

Hollywood Stories with Stephen Schochet

Stephen Schochet, Hollywood's ultimate Story teller and rising author, is accompanied by films clips, music and sound effects.

Superbly produced and told in the style of old time radio shows.

"Stephen really knows Hollywood! In all the times I've had him on my nighttime "Jim Bohannon Show", he's ALWAYS surprised me with at least one amazing tidbit of information I'd never have suspected. Usually, it's half a dozen or more." --Jim Bohannon, Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host

"Probably one of the most entertaining and knowledgeable guests in regards to the movies." --Joe Mazza, King Of Late Night Radio.

"When Stephen is on the air, there is never enough time. He is knowledgeable, anecdotal, fun and always fascinating!" --Judi Paparelli, WORC Radio

"Stephen Schochet's one minute Hollywood Stories are priceless." --Jordan Rich, WBZ in Boston

Everyone loves hearing about the Stars of Today and Yesteryear and Stephen knows them ALL.

  • Samples in mp3 format
    1. Jack Nicholson is not rude: Listen
    2. Barbara Stanwyk cared about the whole movie: Listen
    3. Ingrid Bergman did not like Casablanca: Listen

The Mirkin Minute with Dr Gabe Mirkin.

Forty years a MD and for 25 years a leading Talk Show Host, Dr. Gabe Mirkin and wife Diane are, now heard in a NEW daily series of 60 second radio shows.

Dr. Gabe is frank informative and helpful with Emphasis on Sports Medicine and longevity.

Your station will be promoted to 77,000 subscriber members.

  • Samples in mp3 format
    1. Obesity in Children: Listen
    2. Heart benefits of Arm Exercises: Listen
    3. Marijuana and Memory Loss: Listen
    4. Side affects of Viagra: Listen

Peoples Pharmacy Minute with Joe and Terry Graedon.

Pharmacologist Joe Graedon and medical anthropologist Terry Graedon discuss drugs, herbs, home remedies, vitamins and related health topics.

Everything from home remedies to the latest breakthrough drugs

The Graedon's are the co-authors of the best-selling "People's Pharmacy" Newspaper Column and popular series of books. Five new shows weekly.

  • Samples in mp3 format
    1. Anti-oxidants: Listen
    2. Botox and Zelnorm: Listen
    3. Prescription Drug Ads in Media: Listen
    4. Vitamin E and Cholesterol Drugs: Listen

Flash Back, Moments in Time and Victor Ives.

Victor Ives hosts one minute episodes crammed with the highlights of a given year from ranging the twenties to today. Five episodes per week, year round.

The sound track of America told from News Reels, Movies, Literature and media.

An assortment of voices, sounds, music and sensations indelibly imprinted on the Soul of America.

These short form features are available via delivery by CD (snail mail) or ONLINE. These programs are a minute in length and available in rated markets in exchange for airing a single 12 spot ROS campaign per month. (Non rated markets require two 12 spot campaigns per month.)

To reserve any of the captivating and saleable features for your radio station, contact our Affiliates Department at [email protected].

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