Stephen Schochet and Judi Paparelli - Hosts of Hollywood Plus

HOLLYWOOD PLUS: The Radio Show is a unique blend of all things topical and Show business related. National radio veteran Judi Paparelli and Stephen Schochet, "Hollywood's Ultimate Storyteller" take on the stars, their politics, legal complications and views on life.

Combining Schochet's vast knowledge of Hollywood history and Paparelli's original perspective, the show is unlike any other look at the Hollywood scene.

From humorous showbiz anecdotes to serious breaking news, HOLLYWOOD PLUS keeps listeners informed, connected.and highly entertained.

There will never be a shortage of topics. There is no other radio show like it.


National radio host Judi Paparelli is a broadcast entrepreneur renowned for her sharp wit, intelligence and elegant delivery. Known for her live special event coverage, Paparelli has reported from presidential inaugurations, Democratic and Republican Conventions, carried the Olympic Torch for the City of Boston, sailed the Tall Ships and traveled to Saudi Arabia with a delegation of eight American radio hosts.

Stephen Schochet, author of audiobooks "Tales of Hollywood" and "Fascinating Walt Disney," has worked as a Hollywood tour guide for over ten years and has researched and told hundreds of stories about the movie business. He is the host of the Hollywood Stories Minute heard throughout the TalkStar Network. He has been called "Hollywood's Ultimate Storyteller." Schochet's extensive knowledge and compelling on-air presence have made him a favorite guest on countless radio shows across the country.

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