Victor Ives - Host of Radio Legends

"RADIO LEGENDS, with Victor Ives is now heard daily on TalkStar RadioT. This nostalgia fest brings to the air a combination of old time radio programs from the 30' 40's and 50's ... including comedy, drama and mystery favorites . AS WELL as some of the top radio stars of the 60's 70's and 80's in a unique blend of captivating examples of broadcast entertainment and information at its' best. Each broadcast includes an episode the hilarious series "Lum N' Abner". This daily serial chronicles the happenings at the mythical Jot 'Em Down Store in Pine Ridge, Arkansas. The bucolic humor of Chet Lauck and Norris Goff was legend in the annals of American radio for decades.

Radio Legends is hosted by Victor Ives, creator of "Golden Age of Radio", which was the ORIGINAL vintage radio retrospective, will present a wide variety of entertainment legends ranging from Fibber McGee and Molly and Fred Allen to Arthur Godfrey, Jean Shepherd and Gary Owens. Along with Golden Age favorites you'll hear Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, Bob and Ray, Mike Nichols and Elaine May and other top stars. Ives's earlier series the Golden Age of Radio set the record for the longest running daily syndication in radio history. Contrary to what many might have thought, the biggest percentage of the listening audience were too young to have heard the shows in their original release. No similar old radio retrospective ever produced higher ratings or broader listener demographics. Period!

Radio Legends is broadcast 4:00 - 5:00 pm and 9:00 - 10:00 pm Monday through Friday with a repeat broadcast weekend evenings.

To carry this show contact Victor Ives: [email protected]

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