Linda Garrison and Ed Shiflett - Hosts of Your Health Comes First

Beginning Saturday November 26 Certified Nutritionist Linda Garrison and Ed Shiflett will host the return of “Your Health Comes First” on The TalkStar Radio Network. Linda has been Certified Nutritionist #277 under the Board of Medicine in the State of Florida and Health Food Store Owner since 1988 with her own line of supplements called “Health Comes First”. She assists individuals on food and supplements to maintain and improve their health. Linda has also contributed numerous articles for newspapers and magazines on health related issues. Linda states her goal is “to be in a position to help others with their health problems”

Ed Shiflett is Director of Operations & General Manager of TalkStar Radio Network and President and General Manager of TalkStar 840 AM in Titusville , FL , formerly VP of Broadcast Operations for People’s Radio Network. Ed has extensive experience in all areas of broadcasting and is looking forward to the return of “Your Health Comes First”. Ed has been an on-air personality for over ten years on local stations and national networks including “Your Health Comes First” nationally syndicated previously on The People’s Radio Network.

“Your Health Comes First’s” long awaited return to the airwaves will feature Bob Barefoot as the first guest.

Bob Barefoot is the controversial author of "The Calcium Factor", "Death By Diet", "Barefoot on Coral Calcium", "Let's Cure Humanity", "Barefoot on Vitamin-D" and "If It Glitters". and graduate of North Alberta Institute of Technology. He also has numerous international patents.Bob Barefoot Coral Calcium information and research finds that some cancers have been linked to Calcium deficiency.

There is not an American that will ever forget 9-11. That day changed all of our lives. However, for Bob Barefoot, his day of infamy was June 10, 2003 . On that day, the Federal Trade Commission, FTC, filed a preliminarily injunction against Bob Barefoot and others.

Because of Bob Barefoot's references to the claim that calcium supplements can reverse a host of diseases, which are supported by hundreds of scientific publications. The FTC deemed that the claims were being attached to the calcium product, coral calcium, being sold, even though Barefoot did not claim that the product itself cured anything, as can be verified by an examination of the text of the infomercial.

Bob Barefoot believes that the FTC is just doing its job and exercising its mandate. The restrictions of the United States ' laws on what can be said concerning a nutrient's relationship to a disease when stated in conjunction with the sale of nutritional supplements are severe. Those restrictions make it difficult to reflect the worldwide scientific community's understanding of the importance of this nutrient and its relationship to certain diseases in the marketplace.

Bob States : As you are aware, the AMA, the FTC and the FDA take a dim view to anyone claiming to "cure" anything. Therefore, I am not claiming to cure anything and I have never claimed to cure anyone. On the other hand, because I have seen so many people “cure themselves,” I do believe that "THE BODY HAS THE ABILITY TO CURE ITSELF."

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