No School Today with Big Jon & Sparkie

Big Jon and Sparkie are BACK ON RADIO  
every Saturday 6 to 8 am ...because ...


This series of Old Time Radio Shows originated in Cincinnati started in 1947.It went to the ABC Network 02/01/50. It played weekdays as Big Jon & Sparkie. But, it found it's biggest audiences on Saturday Morning.  Big Jon, was played by Jon Arthur. The show included recorded stories and songs which kids and grownups are enjoying to this day.

The Further Adventures of Big Jon and Sparkie developed through the 1950's and went to a longer format broadcast on Saturday mornings as "No School Today." Sparkie's irrepressible sense of belonging in a real if slightly wacky world, is very involving. John Dunning, in "On the Air, The Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio," says "It remained, for those who heard it, one of the most important and poignant pieces of childhood."

Right is a vintage song sheet with Jon and Sparkie

To carry this show contact Victor Ives [email protected]

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